High Liner Foods

Site: UI / UX design, web design, Art Direction – 2015

Thinking / sketching

What experience will this offer?

How can we organize all products, recipes and still have the user intrigued with its content?



How exactly will this UX/UI work?

Will its features be intuitive?




How will everything look on one page?

We don't have a CI guide, what do we do?


Philips Canada

High Liner Foods

BMW Canada

Swiss Natural

First Choice Haircutters

CeraVe Lotions

KV Windows & Doors

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I consider myself to be extremely lucky; I love what I do. I call myself a "designer" as it's a nice umbrella term for the UX/UI designing, developing and art direction that I bleed daily. I collect fonts, snippets of random code and design books – yes, paper books. I am a proud Toronto FC season ticket holder and an avid soccer player. I have recently run the 4 day, 78.2k Disney Challenge and hope to complete another soon. My colour is #1A1B1B. I am a self-taught musician and according to a recent web poll, I have travelled 8.1% of the world.

Creative Suite | Axure | Sketch | HTML/HTML5 | CSS + CSS3 | PHP + MySQL | JavaScript + JQuery | Wordpress | Mailchimp | MAMP | After Effects | Maya | Final Cut Pro | Soundtrack Pro | Office